More and more tools come available to measure and analyse sound, on Feb.6th we had the kickoff for a joint project on making smart sound sensors to measure sound pollution in the city. Here you can find more info.

At the moment we collaborate with Waag, Marineterrein, City of Amsterdam, and Sensing Clues. Here you can find more info about the smart microphones – projects. You can also find a simpler kit to construct at the Waag github. This MUV Sensors kit is a device developed to measure the following environmental quantities: dust, temperature/humidity/pressure sensor, noise, nitrogen dioxide and ozone.

We also have several kits you can do your own sound projects with. For example donated a kit to make your own (privacy by design) voice assistant. donate Raspberry Pi’s (incl screen) for your projects, e.g:

o   high quality sound interface Pisound

o   With Wolfram software ( free on Raspberry Pi ) advanced analysis can be done

  • Voice recognition

o   Google AIY voice kit

Open Source: