IoT Sensemakers AMS

Welcome to the IoT Sensemakers Amsterdam community, dedicated to connecting people, sharing knowledge, ideas & hands-on experience.
Everything we do is volunteer based. We meet 1 or 2 times a month. You can join our meetings by signing up at Meetup, where you can also contact Manon to join our Slack community!

The first Wednesday of the month, at the Sensemakers Lab it’s all about Do-It-Yourself. You can work on your own projects, learn from zero or start projects with other Sensemakers (earlier examples: Amsterdam Sounds, Astroplant, Drinkable Rivers or Mijn Omgeving). We’re very lucky that SURF is hosting our backend for some of these projects!
This meetup is hosted at the Public Library (OBA) where you can use the 3Dprinters and lasercutter.

Every third Wednesday of every other month we have presentations on Internet-of-Things and related subjects (networks, sensors, new startups, security, AI, smart buildings etc). Feel free to contact Manon if you want to suggest a speaker or share a topic yourself! This meetup is now hosted online as it provides us with the opportunity to have international speakers.

Apart from the Lab evenings and presentations, we also organize workshops on an irregular basis, for example about LoRa with The Things Network, 3D design, Micropython, Tensorflow, AI at the Edge and more!

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