Astro Plant

Sensemakers is actively participating in the AstroPlant project, an educational citizen science project with the European Space Agency. We have our own kit to work with, but also make small affordable ‘explorer kits’ that can be used by anyone (including school children) to learn to use a Raspberry Pi , sensors and LED light to grow plants better. Actually with the knowledge you learn you have a basis to do many other projects as well.
The project is well underway, therefore newcomers are advised to start with the first learning blocks that have been developed, as to learn, test and help improve these! They can be found here.

Things we are currently doing with a group of Sensemakers:

  1. Helping with their new software and back-end
  2. Developing a curriculum with affordable Astroplant Explorer kits and lesson sheets for schools, so children can work hands-on with all the components of the Astroplant before they engage in a larger research project.
  3. Prototyping and testing various additions to the standard Astroplant set-up (water sensors for measuring pH and eC, spectrometer and light sensors, alternative CO2 sensor).
  4. Setting up photo cameras (for time lapses and infra-red pictures)
  5. Designing an attractive (interactive?) casing for use on the youth department of the OBA (public library)

More information: