Mijn Omgeving

Welcome to Mijn Omgeving.

As a result of the documentary Beerput Nederland (2017) and related news about environmental crimes that have a major impact but no (major) consequences for the offenders, there was temporarily more attention for tackling environmental polluters.

Because after this short revival things seemed to return to business as usual, a group of people figured out that it would help if citizens themselves had more insight into up-to-date information about the quality of their environment. The resulting information position would not only get them more involved, but also allow them to demand a higher prioritization on the political agenda.

Thus the #MijnOmgeving Citizen Science initiative was born; let’s facilitate citizens with sensors to detect more quickly (and where possible take action themselves) in the event of pollution of their environment. The iniviative was kicked off by The Dutch Police & Vodafone during The Next Web 2018, with an IoT Challenge to develop cheap sensors to measure waterquality. Sodaq won this challenge, and this year 40 sensors will find their way to citizens, communities like Sensemakers Amsterdam, Hogescholen, Universities and others.

In this phase the sensors are being deployed at various locations, and displayed at our Grafana portal here. See below for a preview.

A sensors records temperature, conductivity and its GPS location. These parameters can’t prove pollution, but real-time data analysis can indicate that something is out of the ordinary and a closer look is warranted.  The coming months will be about collecting data, so that we can learn what the normal values are and which values should trigger an alarm because something is out of the ordinary.

Visit MijnOmgeving.net to learn more about the project and how you can contribute.

If you got to this site via the sticker on one of our sensors or for any other matter, please use this link to contact us.