Robots are also popular in our community. From a remote controlled vehicle, to a self driving car and even a ‘smart’ tank to investigate and map the surroundings after a major disaster: the possibilities are endless.

We have some stuff to play with, so tell us what you want to learn and make.

o   Basic Lego robot: a remote controlled one, which can be used to learn all the basic mechanics and electronics.

o   Microbit robot: a basic robot using two microcontrollers: one for the robot steering and the other for control

o   Arduino Zumo robot: a more advanced robot that can be programmed in various ways (line following, maze solving)

o      Alphabot with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi , which is a great basis to expand on
Think of making it autonomous like:
or give it room mapping capabilities with a LIDAR…

o   Pixy2 camera on Zumo chassis: (pixy2 cam needs to be ordered)